Wandering on the South Bank

By the time this post goes live, I should be home from a fabulous family trip to Europe.  We started in London, then made our way to France to visit Normandy, the Loire Valley, and Paris.  It was incredible.  In fact, it still is incredible since I am typing this in Paris! It's two and a half weeks of awesomeness!

I have a lot of photos to get to, but if you have been following my Facebook page then you have seen some iPhone shots I have been sharing there.  I thought several of them came out pretty dang good!  Go like that page, will ya?  :-)

This shot was taken in London, but not on the family trip, but rather on a business trip to London that occurred a few weeks prior to the family trip.  I got home from this trip with a lot of shots, then turned around a couple of weeks later and came back with the family.  I’ve been pretty busy!

I grabbed this while wandering down the South Bank of the Thames.  I just loved the look of that English pub with the shiny new Shard sticking up behind it.