A beach in Maui

There’s just something about Hawaii.  I never really think that I want to move there, but boy do I ever enjoy visiting that place!  It’s just so relaxing.  I guess part of it is the island lifestyle, but I’m guessing another part of it is that since you are 5 hours or more behind the mainland, you just can’t stay up to speed on what’s happening back there...so you don’t try.  Instead, you have a drink with a little umbrella in it, and work on your sunburn.

When we were there in April, my wife and I took a car out for a day to drive around Maui, and headed part of the way out the road to Hana.  It’s a famous drive, but it’s really a winding road and honestly, it gets old after a while.  So we stopped before we made it, turned around, and found this black sand beach to enjoy for a while.  That’s better than driving.  :-)