Manneken Pis

If you have ever been to Brussels, Belgium you have probably walked by this spot - or planned to.  It’s one of the most visited street corners in that most lovely of cities.  It’s where the Manneken Pis statue resides.

Have you heard of Manneken Pis?  It’s the statue of a little boy who is urinating into a fountain.  It’s incredibly famous - almost inexplicably so.  It’s really not a big deal, but everyone goes to see it and you can buy all sorts of souvenirs of Brussels which commemorate this little guy.

So where is it in this picture? It’s on the far right side about midway up, tucked up against that wall.  You can see all sorts of tourists milling about, and some posing for their picture in front of this famous little chap.  He’s only about 18 inches tall, so be sure and look closely and you will spot him.

That’s it.  That’s all there is to it.  Thankfully it’s close to Grand Place, which is their famous town square, and in my opinion more deserving of its fame.  That way you don’t spend too much time wandering away from stuff that is more beautiful.

But at least the locals dress him up from time to time, so when you arrive you may find him in some fancy outfit!