Trinity College architecture

Travel photo tip: if you are in a new city and looking for something interesting to shoot, a University is usually a good bet, if you like architecture.  Generally speaking, the architecture found on a University campus is pretty awesome.  It pays off more often than not!

That’s exactly what led me here to Trinity College one morning in Dublin.  I saw it on a map, and took a wild guess that I might find something worth shooting.

Trinity College is Ireland’s oldest University and sits squarely in the middle of the city.  As far as history goes, it has a lengthy one since it was founded in 1592.  That makes it pretty old, by my calculations. :-)

It’s also pretty beautiful, and the architecture is fabulous.  It didn’t hurt that I got some incredible clouds and color while wandering there that morning.  

One thing to note though if you go there and plan to shoot with a tripod - they aren’t allowed.  I did it anyways, but only because I didn’t know.  I was literally taking my last shot when a security guard found me and told me no tripods.  I just kept him talking long enough for that last set of brackets to finish. :-)