Sunset in Austin

I love the Austin skyline.  I think it’s very photogenic, especially when you are on the banks of Lady Bird Lake and get the reflections and lights twinkling in the water.  Normally I am aiming my camera to the larger part of the skyline, which is out of frame to the right.  You can see that pic here.

But in this instance, the sunset was producing some nice color out West which was in this direction, so I swung the camera around and aimed this way for a shot.  This probably makes Austin seem small, but the town has grown a lot over the years, and people keep coming here.  

As a result, the skyline is vastly different from what it was just a few short years ago.  But in my opinion, the skyline has actually improved as these new buildings have gone up. If nothing else, it’s more stuff to aim a camera at!