The ceiling of the Natural History Museum

Dang this place is incredible - and big!!  This is the ceiling of the main room at the Natural History Museum in London, and it is most certainly worth a visit.  You will not be disappointed, especially if you came with a camera!  There’s a photo opp at every turn!

I have been here twice now and each time I keep thinking about Harry Potter and Hogwarts.  It just has that look.  I took this photo on my visit to London last September, but while I was in London last week I popped in there again.   To get a sense of scale, that little red speck along the bottom to the right is a person.

It’s the sort of place I imagine visiting each time I get there, if my schedule permits.  It’s just cool.  Maybe on one of these trips I will take some time and explore the exhibits too.  I get so caught up firing brackets that I forget about those sorts of things.  :-)

And here is an HDR Before and After for comparison purposes, if you enjoy that sort of thing:

NatHistLondonBeforeAfter (1).jpg