The lobby at The Grand Wailea

When I travel, I try to make a habit of getting up for sunrise at least once.  It’s just better.  You get great light most of the time, and everyone else is asleep.  But I admit, it’s hard to do, especially when traveling east.  It’s hard enough losing time due to time zone changes.

But when I travel west it gets much easier of course.  In this case, I was in Hawaii a few weeks back and getting up there was easy.  In fact, I got up at 3am the first morning!  That’s a little too early, but my body thought it was 8am.  Oh well, the challenges of time zone changes.

Anyways, since I was up before sunrise I figured I should get out and shoot some, and the hotel lobby at the Grand Wailea in Maui is just gorgeous.  Anytime there is water running, I get pretty fired up.  During the daytime the sun is just too bright to make this shot work, but before dawn it looks pretty awesome!