iPhone fun in Maui

My wife and I recently returned from a weeklong trip over to Maui.  It was fabulous.  I love the place.  My previous visit was over 10 years ago, and ended basically on the first day when I took a stick in the eye.  No, that is not an expression.  I actually took a stick in the eye.  It tore off 75% of my cornea and I wore a patch like a pirate for at least a week.  That sucked.

But, that was 10 years ago and I was eager to return to actually see it for the first time.  It’s beautiful, just like you expect it to be.  And though this was not a “photo trip” for me, I did manage to squeeze in quite a few shots, thanks to my wife being supportive of this passion of mine.

I have already posted a couple of shots from the trip, but thought I would share a quick iPhone post with a few of my iPhone pics from the trip.  I took 320 photos with my iPhone that week, so this is likely the first of several iPhone posts from Maui.  :-) 

Sunset on our first night there...that was a nice welcome to the island!


Here’s another view of that sunset from just behind the hotel.


Sunrise on my first morning there.  It was easy to get up.  At 3am I was wide awake, thanks to being 5 hours off my normal time zone!  But hey it was obviously worth it!


This was on the beach behind our hotel, again on the first night, but before the sunset got all dramatic like in the first shot.


I grabbed this one while climbing around those rocks and getting soaked.  But what fun!  As long as the gear stays dry...who really cares?!


That’s it for today - thanks for stopping by!