Back alleys and dead ends

Here’s another photo in my unintentional-but-super-fun series of alleyways and back streets in Bratislava, Slovakia.  One might think, upon seeing all these shots, that I just skulked around in alleys while there, but the truth is that I didn’t really do that much at all, except for one morning.  I took lots of shots all around the historic center of Bratislava...maybe I should process some to prove it to you.  :-)

I guess this is really proof though - without me saying it - that I just love to shoot HDR photos in these sorts of spots.  Alleyways and back streets usually have a lot of character, and generally since they can be run-down, they make for interesting HDR shots in my opinion.  I find that there are interesting lines, usually some graffiti (which I enjoy shooting) and great texture and detail.  In other words, these spots are just perfect for HDR.  I think I’ll keep doing it.