Bluebonnets in a field

Springtime in the Texas hill country can be just incredible.  Bluebonnets (the state flower) start popping up everywhere, and we actually get a little rain at times, which is nice too!  One thing that’s very popular is to go and check out all the wonderful wildflowers which seem to arrive (and sadly, depart) almost overnight.

Driving through Austin, you frequently see patches of bluebonnets on the side of the road, and inevitably, you see someone who has pulled over to take some pictures of them.  They’re just special to us, and probably that is partly due to their brevity.  It’s a sure sign that Spring has arrived.

I took this photo up in the Texas hill country back in 2010.  We had a serious “bumper crop” of bluebonnets that year - it hasn’t been nearly as nice since.  I am seeing some around Austin right now, but nothing that has made me get the camera out and pull over to the side of the road - yet!