Temple Bar in the morning

This is the lovely Temple Bar in Dublin, Ireland.  I freakin’ love this place, and not just because they serve Guinness.  Well, ok that may be part of it, but honestly finding a nice cold Guinness in Dublin ain’t too hard, as you can imagine.  In fact, the Guinness factory is in Dublin (though they don’t actually brew it at that factory anymore).  But I digress.

This entire area is called Temple Bar in fact, and from what I can tell it’s the cultural and entertainment hub of the city.  It’s just cool, you should go.  Really - just get on a plane and get over there.  You’ll love it.  Plus, the Irish people are so kind and welcoming.  And that accent - that’s cool too!

I will be visiting Dublin again soon and am looking forward to seeing this beautiful area again (and...ok...I will probably take a few photos too).  I shot this one around sunrise, because any other time of day it is fully packed with tourists, and really packed at night, since there are numerous Irish bars along this street. 

So, here are your takeaways from today’s post:

  1. Get yourself to Dublin
  2. Go to Temple Bar
  3. Get up at sunrise and photograph it (ok, this one can be a little hard!)