Entering Rosenborg Castle

Copenhagen is a very photogenic town.  I loved my visit there.  I am basically a Europhile - loving just about everything about the culture, history and sights that I have seen over there.  In fact, I have yet to find a city in Europe that I didn’t like.

But something about Copenhagen stood out to me.  As a photographer, I am always looking for interesting and beautiful things to aim my Nikon at, and found them aplenty in Copenhagen.  Castles, canals, statues - heck, even graffiti - this town has it all!

This is Rosenborg Castle, which sits sort of in the middle of town.  I saw it on my handy little map, and was wandering the streets trying to make my way there.  Then, the streets and buildings ended, and a large, open public space stood before me, with this at the center.  And yeah...I took a few photos. :-)