Blue hour at Wailea

Well, I am just back from a trip to Maui, which was fabulous.  I’s could it not be fabulous?  If you follow my page on Facebook, you will have seen some iPhone shots I posted from the road.  I saw a lot, did a lot, and of course photographed a lot.  So, it was a great week in other words!

Although I am still trying to un-bury myself from all that I missed while gone (and thanks to everyone who visited and left comments here on my shots), I did manage to process one photo from the trip so far...and here it is.

This was a beautiful evening blue hour on the beach at Wailea, where we were staying last week.  Due to the 5 hour time difference, I found myself mostly able to shoot sunrises, but I did manage a few sunset shots as well.  More as I get to them!