Inside Panama's National Theatre

When you are in a new place, do you plan out everything you want to shoot, or do you like to wander


I tend to do both.  That is - I plan the big stuff, but always build in time for wandering between spots so as to pick up little bits of this and that.  I think of the “this and that” shots as filling in the gaps in the larger narrative I am weaving here...if you can call it that.  :-)

Sometimes I find that wandering just pays off in a huge way.  This is a perfect example.  I was wandering in Casco Viejo, which is the old town section of Panama City, Panama.  I had marked some key spots to photograph - some churches, plazas, etc.  But what I did not anticipate was this spot, which is the National Theatre of Panama.  Usually these things are closed during the day, which is when I was there.  But on this day, I walked up, tried the door, and it I let myself in.

I shot like crazy in there, and it’s beautiful.  I have a lot of shots to get to from that spot, but wanted to start with this one, which is actually just a side room which I assume is used for dinner functions, etc.  Isn’t it beautiful?