The Texas State Capitol building

This is the Texas State Capitol located here in Austin and it’s a hell of a big building and lots of fun to shoot.  If you follow my page on FB, I shared an iPhone pic last week from my photo outing here.  I have taken innumerable shots of the Capitol over the years, and have never really liked anything that I have gotten.  That’s ok really - we all have our own albatross, if you will.  It’s just that THIS albatross is the most famous building in Austin, and everyone else has great shots of it haunted me, sort of.

Finally, after several years and multiple attempts, I am proud of this shot.  It’s still not the  fully dramatic sunset that I want to get here some time, but at least the light is decent and the skies are somewhat interesting.  All my previous shots have been under crappy light and bland, boring skies - so in comparison, this one is pretty stellar.  :-)

Anyways, now that I finally have a decent Capitol shot I feel a little lighter and happier about the whole thing.  Funny, I never really knew I felt that way until now.  Regardless, that’s one more Austin spot off my list!