Twilight at Pennybacker

This might just be one of my favorite shots in a long time.  This is the Pennybacker Bridge in west Austin, more commonly known as the Loop 360 Bridge.  It’s a beautiful thing and it’s near where I live...and since I love bridges anyways it’s doubly beautiful to me!  It’s just such a photogenic subject. 

I caught this one the same night a few weeks back when I grabbed some amazing sunset shots there.  It was just one of those nights when you get everything you want in a photography trek: a great subject, great light, awesome clouds, a beautiful sunset, and an incredible blue hour.  If there’s anything else you can ask for, I can’t think what it could be!  Ok, maybe some free beer.  Or donuts.  Yeah, donuts are good.  :-)

This was one of the last shots I took that night.  I loved that the clouds were still around, and since this was a long exposure (13 seconds) I was able to get a nice bunch of light trails from traffic on Loop 360 as well as that one boat in the lake.  Fun stuff.