Dining in Old Montreal

After what seemed like an eternal flight, I arrived in Montreal and since the work day was over, I quickly grabbed my gear and headed out to their historic district known as Old Montreal, which was a short cab ride away.  It was (and still is) my first and only visit to this fine city, and I was eager to explore the streets which are well known for their deep French influences.  I was not disappointed, even by the rain showers that came that afternoon.  In fact, I welcomed the rain because it did two things for me: it cleared out most of the tourists, and it left a nice sheen on the cobblestone streets.  Both of those please me very much as a photographer.

That one gentleman in the restaurant had probably the best seat in the house, and I am assuming the food is good because he never once looked up and realized I was taking his picture.  Ok, for the record, I was taking a picture of the awesome street scene I was observing, but I find that whenever a camera is even remotely pointed toward someone, they automatically assume that they are the subject.  That happen to you?