The Waco suspension bridge

A couple of weeks ago, I had to drive up to Dallas for business, and of course my hope was to find a little free time after hours to shoot.  Normally I stop in Salado, TX and shoot their City Garage (see the pics here) but the exit was closed for construction, and I am way too hyper restless busy to backtrack and shoot it.  Plus, I have shot it several times, and so I set my sights on Waco, TX instead.  It turned out pretty good.

I knew there was a cool-looking suspension bridge over the Brazos River, and with a little help from Google Maps and my iPhone, I soon found it and pulled over.  It was a crazy windy day so thankfully I wasn’t trying to shoot a bunch of trees or something.  That the nice thing about bridges - they’re usually still.

Oh yeah, and there were some awesome clouds that day, too.