Point Lobos seascape

I was in San Jose, CA for 1 night last week, and that’s torture.  Not because 1 night business trips are hard - well, they can be but that’s not it.  And it has nothing to do with San Jose...I like that town.  The reason it’s torture is because San Jose is SOOOOO close to Carmel, CA....and Carmel is a dream.  And I could not get there.  Hence, the torture part. 

I love Carmel and do hope to return again...sooner rather than later of course!  We spent about a week there a while back, and I still have a lot of pics to share from that trip.  I suppose I will never catch up, but that’s half the fun of it.  I go through my library and come across shots I love from places I adore...and it takes me back.

This is from Point Lobos which is a short drive south of Carmel.  Everything there is beautiful.  You should go.