Sunset at Vanderbilt University stadium

I like to plan things when it comes to shooting.  Planning is good.  Being organized is good.  Having goals is good.  But I also am keen on leaving myself some wiggle room in my plans, in case unexpected things happen.  Wiggle room is also good, because that is like free time…you just shoot, plan or no plan.  If something interesting is in front of you, well…you shoot it.  No plan needed for that.  One such example was on this particular evening in Nashville.

I had been in other parts of this lovely town (shooting, of course) and for some reason was drawn to zip over to the Vanderbilt University campus as sunset was nearing.  I parked near the football stadium and started walking that way.  I have been previously kicked out of the University of Texas at Austin football stadium (although I got my shots first, HAHA), and actually did not expect to even get in here.  But I figured it was worth a shot (no pun intended).

Well, I have a will and I found a way.  Unlocked doors are like an invitation really…I mean if they didn’t want anyone in there, well the doors would be locked.  So I slipped in and shot all around the field while this incredible sky and sunset came together.  It was pretty spectacular.  Glad for wiggle room!