iPhone fun in Waco

I drove up to Dallas on Monday this week (from Austin), which means I had to pass through Waco, TX en route.  Waco is not a town I would normally stop in, but I had my camera so I decided to check out their suspension bridge which I had seen pics of online.  It’s pretty awesome! 

I have a thing for bridges anyways, so any excuse to fire some brackets at one works for me.  Of course my iPhone is always with me, so I also grabbed a few quick snaps with it as well.


As you can see,  had some pretty exciting clouds in the skies...and maybe I went a little heavy on the processing with Snapseed.  But, that’s half the fun of it, right?  I find with the iPhone I enjoy going past reality on the processing at times.  How about you?


When I was leaving the bridge, I took a wrong turn and happened upon a beautiful little church.  So, I ventured in there for some more bracketing and iPhone fun as well.  I left a couple of $ in their collection box, which the sign indicated was for preservation of the mural. Believe me, the mural is awesome and well worth preserving.  Glad I could help!

Thanks for stopping by today!