Off the beaten path in Bratislava

I really like Bratislava.  For a fairly small town, it packs in a lot of awesomeness for a photographer.  It is only about 45 minutes away from Vienna, but I imagine lots of people overlook it.  That’s a shame, really.  It feels like a nice little European village that is just filled with great character.

On second thought, maybe it’s better that more people don’t go there, since over-tourism may ruin some of the charm.  Either way, I enjoyed my visit there and despite sharing a lot of pics from there already, I have many more still to get to.

I caught this HDR one morning while wandering around in their old town historic district.  I started around sunrise, and had the place to myself, or at least it felt that way.  This image was taken on one of many back streets that I explored with my Nikon.  It was a fabulous start to a day!

And here is a Before & After comparison for those interested in HDR - quite a difference!