The little stuff in Casco Viejo

I love doors and windows, though I am not really sure why.  I guess they symbolize a view into a new place, or crossing a threshold into a new land.  Whatever it is, I find myself taking random shots of doors and windows when I travel.  It’s fun.

In this case, I was walking around in the Casco Viejo historic district in Panama City, Panama.  There is a lot of interesting stuff there to shoot.  Historic churches, a fabulous theater, incredible architecture...and while I shot all that, I also stopped in between to grab some little shots like these two.

While these sorts of shots will never sell, or win awards, or even get much feedback, I like to take and share them as they fill in the blank spaces between the “big” shots, and I like that idea.  Sometimes the little stuff has just as much meaning as the big stuff.