As I mentioned in a recent post, it’s important to seek out the little things, even when you are shooting the big things.  I love to be standing with an immense, incredible landscape before me, ready for the clicking to start.  But I find that I am just as satisfied when I capture the smaller scenes, the off-the-beaten-path finds, the forgotten this-and-that stuff that is so easily overlooked.

So in that spirit, I offer up this little-slice-of-life shot of a hotel suite entry in Santa Fe, NM.  If you have never been to Santa Fe, plan a trip and be ready to be inspired.  It’s a mecca for the arts and as a photographer it gives you so much to point that little device of yours at (and by device, I am referring to anything from an iPhone to a DSLR). 

It really is an incredible place.  I am happy that I will be returning there soon.  So for anyone reading this...that means more Santa Fe stuff coming in the near future!

And Happy Valentine's Day!