Caffe Nero

I keep thinking about Scotland.  I’m not really sure why, but it keeps coming to mind.  I like Scotland a lot.  The people are super nice and they have the best accent in the world!  I have a little trouble understanding what they are saying at times, but I always enjoy hearing them speak.

I have been to Glasgow several times, and find the town to be quite beautiful and one that offers a lot of great photo opportunities, even in the rain!  (Yes, it seems to rain there a bit.)  I hope to return to Glasgow, and I also hope to make it over to Edinburgh at some point.  I hear great things about that town, and the pictures I have seen are awesome too.  I will make it some day!

This is Caffe Nero, which is a coffee shop in one of the plazas in Glasgow’s central downtown area.  It’s really close to the train station, which is a great place to shoot as well.  I spent that morning in the train station - actually avoiding some rain, and getting some cool shots - and then wandered over here and just loved the awesome architecture of Caffe Nero.  It’s a coffee shop, but looks like a miniature castle!  Maybe they consider themselves the “King of Coffee”?  haha

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