Prowling around the Ferry Building

The Ferry Building is my favorite building in San Francisco!  What's yours?

I just love the Ferry Building, and try to visit each time I go to San Francisco (though sadly, I fail in this effort at times).  It's just such a compelling place, architecturally speaking.  The interior hallway (which you see here) is just rich in details, and the exterior has that big red neon sign out back, staring out over the Bay.  It's beautiful.  I wish I was there shooting it right now!

It also has a fabulous Farmer's Market a couple of days each week, filled with artisanal baked goods, cheeses, chocolates...and more!  It's all very yummy.

As far as photography goes, I try and get there in the morning before the crowds show up, since I like my shots essentially devoid of humans (though you can see one way in the distance in this shot).  In addition to the numerous stores in the building, there are also some business offices which are up on the second floor. 

I've been up there to shoot as well, and you get a great view down on this lower hallway.  But note they don't allow tripods on the 2nd floor, and there is a guard there as well.  Down below, I've never had an issue.

So if you visit SFO, be sure and swing by here early one morning and fire away!