One more from Bull Creek

Thought I would share another photo from Bull Creek here in Austin today. (Because I have a million of them!)  The water is moving really nicely these days - makes me long for shorter, cooler summers so we could enjoy it year-round.  Plus let's be honest here - the summer is brutal in Austin.  It's so dang hot, and seems to last forever.  We have to enjoy the awesome stuff like this while we can!

But alas, cool summers here are not to be, so I have made a point of getting out and shooting it a LOT over the last couple of months.  Plus, it's just beautiful and I enjoy being there.  It fills my soul.

This is the "big waterfall" at Bull Creek, just after it passes under Loop 360 (for those of you familiar with the place).  It's a cool spot, and one I have ran by, walked by, and photographed a lot over the years.

Hope everyone that celebrates Christmas enjoyed their holiday yesterday!  Thanks for stopping by today!