A bar in Grand Place

Me, my camera, and an empty Grand Place!

On my recent trip to Brussels, one of my main goals was to get up early and get a bunch of shots in and around Grand Place (their historic town square) before it got all crowded.  And believe me, that place gets crowded.  Like, really crowded.

So I did just that, and I am really glad that I sacrificed some sleep that day.  It was well worth it.  I had the town square literally to myself.  It was amazing.  It's hard to describe how big of a deal that is, unless you have been there and seen it.

There were no crowds.  There were no hordes of tourists.  There was not really any noise.  It was quiet, dark, and beautiful.  I loved it.

So in addition to a bunch of wide angle goodness, I also grabbed some shots like this one.  I love all the little bars and restaurants there...so much character.