God Bless Johnny Cash

An iPhone tour of the Johnny Cash mural in Nashville, TN

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Ok, first things first: I’m not a fan of country music.  Ok, good, I got that out of the way early.  But I will say that despite that admission, there are plenty of things I love about Nashville, TN (which is famous for its country music stars and venues), and I do recognize some of the better-known country songs.  Not many, but a few.

I know a couple of tunes by Johnny Cash.  Who doesn’t know “I walk the line” or “Ring of Fire”?  Willie Nelson has a jingle or two that I remember.  I’m partial to “On the road again”.  There’s even a David Allan Coe song that I love, and it’s even on my iPhone.  But country music as a genre?  Not for me.  I am more of a heavy metal rocker.  What can I say?  I love rock music, and grew up on it.  We all know that we still love what we loved as teenagers, right?


I’m not sayin’ that country music is bad, it’s just not my thing.  I completely understand if you are not into heavy metal.  I could crank up some Ozzie and love it, but you might want to strangle me if I did.  Differences are good, right?  It makes the world a more colorful place.


Anyways, Nashville is a great town and I love to shoot there, despite the music.  It’s really a photogenic city, but unfortunately some of my trips there are without my camera.  I simply have too much work to do and too little free time, or the trip is really short (I’ve had two 1 night trips there in the last couple of months - both without my Nikon).

So in those situations, I go with the next-best thing: my iPhone.  It’s always with me, and it does a damn fine job, most of the time.  If you have been here before, you probably already know that I love that thing.  And if you follow my Facebook page or Flickr stream, you have seen my iPhone posts - probably more often than you want to.  But I can’t help myself - I love to shoot and share, a lot.  I even wrote a little article about that once.


So on my last trip to beautiful Nashville, I came across this entire wall mural dedicated to Johnny Cash.  And I didn’t have my Nikon, with my favorite thing attached to it: my wide angle lens.  Poor me.  I may have cried for a few minutes, but hopefully nobody saw me.  


Thus, I did what I always do anyways: I shot away with my iPhone.  And here are the shots.  This mural has been there for over 10 years now, and is 150 feet long and 12 feet high.  It’s pretty impressive!  Plus, let’s face it: Johnny Cash is one cool dude.  Or, was.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed these photos, and thanks for stopping by!