Sunset at the Distillery

Have you been to The Distillery District in Toronto?

I have visited Toronto several times over the years, but on my most recent trip there (which was much earlier in 2013) it was my first visit to The Distillery District, and I am glad that I went.  It's pretty cool!

If you haven't been, I will tell you that it is a historic district downtown that has been updated and now features multiple shops, restaurants and cafes.  It was once the Gooderham and Worts Distillery, hence the name.  And they have preserved the old heritage buildings there, lending it a timeless feeling.  Plus, the brick-lined streets help!

I had been walking along the waterfront, shooting a bit of random stuff, and finally decided I wanted to head over to this area, thinking that sunset was going to be a bust, and that I could at least get a few cool shots of this area.  As you can see, I was flat wrong and sunset ended up being pretty stellar.  Though I wanted to be back at the waterfront (I love reflections, especially when there is great light), I knew better than to try and make it back over there, since light can be so fleeting.  Instead, I just enjoyed this beautiful spot, took a bunch of photos, then when it got dark I was conveniently near several pubs.  Easy!