Copenhagen is just beautiful

Have you ever visited Copenhagen?  If so, what did you think?

As I have stated here many times (and likely will now), I loved Copenhagen.  I had never been to what I would consider northern Europe or Scandinavia, and I haven't been back since.  I hope that will change in 2014...we will find out.

Anyways, it was beautiful and just as culturally rich as the other parts of Europe that I have been to.  Not that I expected anything otherwise.  I didn't really know what to expect, come to think of it.  

Isn't this place just awesome?

And there were castles - you know I love those!

Lastly, there is Nyhavn.  This is their historic waterfront canal district which is now populated with bars, shops and restaurants.  There are also these great old wooden ships, and many of the townhouses lining the canal are brightly colored.  It's just beautiful.

I took this shot on my very first night there, during sunset.  It had been a rainy mess when I arrived after a long, long day of travel.  I thought about calling it a day, but curiosity always wins that battle, so off I went.  I'm sure glad I did!

And for fun, here is a screenshot I took during processing in Color Efex Pro, showing the "Before" on the Left and the "After" on the Right.  As you can see, I used 5 different filters here, all providing a specific effect on the final image.  In particular, I wanted to bring up the contrast and the color, which this is great for.