A waterfall in the Shire

I haven't been to see The Hobbit yet, have you?  I'm going soon though!

I am looking forward to it as well.  I have loved all those Tolkien books for years, and of course I think all the movies have been great (LOTR + Hobbit 1).  So, when I was writing up this post I thought the photo looked like something out of the Shire.  I guess the movie was on my mind.  In other words, I have to admit I did not actually make it to the Shire to take this photo.  I'm just too honest to keep that ruse going.  ;-)

This waterfall is here in Austin, my home city and one I love living in.  The biggest challenge of life here in Austin is that the summer is miserably long, hot, and dry.  In case you aren't following my line of thought, that's a bad recipe for waterfalls.  Or for any water at all, really.

Our lakes are desperately low, and the small creeks in some parks have mostly been dry.  But over the last couple of months we have had a few rainy days, and while the lakes are far from full, this little creek is humming right along with a pretty decent flow.

I headed out one morning to grab some sunrise shots, and hiked down into this spot because once I got close enough, I could hear the water falling.  If it wasn't for the difficult terrain, I would have sprinted to it.  But that's hard to do over slippery rocks while carrying a camera bag and tripod.

So I hobbled into place, using my tripod like a walking stick...and fired away.