Dublin Castle

I love castles, even when they aren't totally "castle-like".

Do you love castles?  I freakin' love them.  I really do.  Aren't they just awesome?  That's one of the reasons I enjoy Europe so much - a castle at every turn!  I lived in Germany for about a year as a kid (2nd Grade, to be exact) and we saw a lot of castles.  I mean, they're everywhere in Germany.  That stuck with me I guess.

So whenever I visit a European city, I am on the lookout for a castle.  I can't help it - some things are just ingrained.  So on my first Dublin trip, I made sure to swing by and check out the Dublin Castle...which it turns out isn't much of a castle at all.  It's a major Irish government complex, and yes there is a tower sort of thing, but this ain't the kind of castle that springs to mind when I hear the word castle (I tend to think knights, maidens, and moats...and maybe a catapult).

But, that's ok because I still found it to be rather beautiful and photo-worthy.  In fact, I shoot it every time I go there.  You see, I also just love architecture, so shooting things like this is also ingrained.  Old habits die hard.

By the way, this is called The Bedford Tower and the gates on either side represent Fortitude and Justice (per Wikipedia).  I was also really diggin' the cobblestones...add that to the list of awesome stuff in Europe, I guess.

Thanks for stopping by today!