Walking the Cinta Costera

Panama City, Panama is a very interesting city!

Have you ever been to Panama?  Have you considered it?  It's definitely an interesting and beautiful place, though I will admit I am more of a Europhile than anything else.  Having said that, I will say that my trips to Panama over the years (I think it's 4 trips total at this point) have been fun, educational, and have given me the chance to take a lot of great photos that I am proud of.

One thing that really surprised me on my first visit was the skyline.  In one word: WOW!

When you are driving around there (and I recommend you hire a driver - no way am I crazy enough to drive myself there!) the first thing you see is this massive skyline which seems to sprout out of nowhere.  The other thing you notice is the abject poverty which exists side by side with such obvious display of wealth.  It's interesting, like I said.

There is also a coastal strand with a walking/biking path which winds its way along the shoreline, between the water and the skyline.  It's called the Cinta Costera, and on my last visit I decided to head out and wander along the strand for a while.  I went through a fish market and ended up at their old town area known as Casco Viejo.  It was crazy hot and humid, but it was great to see the city on foot.  I grabbed this shot near the beginning of my walk.