There's just something about sunset

Are you a sunrise or sunset person?

That's one of those eternal questions: early bird, or night owl?  It seems we all have a tendency in one direction or the other.  I can stay up pretty late (like if I am working on photos) but generally don't do so.  I tend to be more of a morning person.

I also find the same habits are present when I am traveling.  As much as I enjoy staying out and experiencing a place, I don't do much night photography so I am usually done after blue hour.  But I LOVE to get up early in a foreign city and shoot sunrise.

I find the mornings are quieter and more peaceful, and of course the risk of errant humans getting in the way is minimal.  And I still find plenty of dramatic light at sunrise.

Anyways, I guess that makes this sound like it's a sunrise image, but it's actually a sunset image over Lake Austin, just off the lookout at the 360 Bridge.  As the title states, there is just something about sunset.  You just have to get out there and shoot them.  They have a different feel than sunrise.  But either way, it's great to be standing in a place like this, watching the light change and the land go dark, and taking photographs of it all.  It's pretty kick ass, actually!