Amboise evening

Amboise is a great little town in France's Loire Valley... 

We spent a few days there back in June of this year and totally loved it.  It's big enough to enjoy comfortably without being overwhelmed, and you can't beat the location.  It's an easy drive from there to many of the incredible chateaux that you probably want to visit anyways: Chambord, Chenonceau, Cheverny...the list goes on. 

I took this shot one evening after we had settled in for the night.  I couldn't stand missing a chance to shoot such a great little town, so I headed out and took a few street scene shots like this one around the blue hour. 

Blue hour is probably my favorite time of day to shoot, and street scenes (especially in Europe) are quite possibly my favorite thing to this was a no-brainer.  As you can see, it was already pretty deserted although there were definitely still a few folks out for a late dinner at some of the restaurants nearby.  Anyways, be sure and stop in here if you find yourself nearby - you will thank me for the tip!