Faking Fall in Austin

I love Fall - it's my favorite season!  What about you? 

There is just so much about Fall that I love - the chill in the air, the holidays that are rapidly approaching, the changing of the leaves.  The only problem is that we don't really get a full-on Fall season here in Austin.  We just don't have enough of those types of trees, among other things.

So although it's my favorite season, I've never really gotten to experience it like I want to - which is to say, I have never been to New England in the Fall.  That seems pretty awesome, to drive around in the country and see mile after mile of country road surrounded by trees that are glowing orange and red.  Sounds awesome, but I've never done it.   Hopefully someday.

So I did the next best thing with this photo - I totally faked the Fall color. 

It's pretty easy to do, really - and not in Photoshop.  I'm not much of a PS user.  I did this in Color Efex Pro, by Nik Software by using the Indian Summer filter.  It's just one of the great filters available in the product.  Click a couple of buttons and you're all done.

By the way, this was shot at Bull Creek Greenbelt which is a nice little park not far from my home in Austin.  I was there shooting the waterfalls, and couldn't resist this section of the creek since water reflections are one of my favorite subjects.  I just wasn't a fan of all the trees being so green.  It just didn't look like Fall.  So click, click, click and here you are!