Edinburgh storefront

Edinburgh Scotland is awesome!

I feel like I say "such and such is an awesome town" all the time.  In fact, I know I do.  But the truth is that I find so many of these places to be incredibly awesome.  I can try and come up with some other words maybe, but the sentiment is the same.  I like going places and seeing places, and I always find things that I like wherever I go.

I guess I've been lucky in that I haven't had to go any places that are total dumps.  I am sure they are out there, but I haven't seen them yet.  I also think that it's a frame of mind for me.  I look for the positive in everything, and as a result I really enjoy seeing these places, whether they are awesome to everyone or just to me.

Anyways, back to Edinburgh.  It's awesome (haha, had to say that!).  I wandered the streets in Edinburgh for half a day, saw a palace and some abbey ruins, climbed to the top of the hill where the castle is, walked the Royal Mile, and just totally enjoyed it, even when it rained on me.  How could you not like all that?

At some point and on some street, I came across this shop window, and just thought that it had some great character (see, I didn't say awesome!), so I waited for other passers-by to pass by, and I fired away.  Awesome!  LOL