Sunset in Fredericksburg TX

I love the Texas hill country - it's beautiful!

Ok, I know Texas isn't considered a mountainous or even hilly state, but we do have some of both, believe it or not.  And the Hill Country is a very beautiful area.  It lies about an hour west of Austin, and generally speaking the main town out there in Fredericksburg.  

As the name implies, it's an old German town and as such has a lot of Germanic influence, which is great by me.  I love Germany, so it really feels like a getaway from normal life when you are there.

Anyways, we spent a weekend up there recently celebrating my wife's birthday, and one evening we noticed that a beautiful sunset was coming together.  So being a super supportive woman, my wife said "let's hurry up and find a spot to shoot".  OK!

We drove for a bit and found a little park, and when I saw the water I knew that I was going to be firing quite a few shots here - and I did.  I loved this tree standing there alone, and the beautiful sunset behind it.