Good morning Nashville

I love shooting first thing in the morning when a city is asleep.  

Sunrise shooting is hard to do, but always worth it.  It's a great feeling to be out when the rest of a city is still abed.  It's almost like you have the place all to yourself.  Yes, you run into a few random folks here and there, but mostly it's just you and whatever it is you are pointing the camera at.  That's a certain kind of special.

And as you know from visiting here (at least I hope you have been here before - if not, then welcome!) I love to shoot in HDR, and I love to shoot cityscapes in HDR.  So that get's a little tricky because my preference is always to have NO people in my shots.  I can't always get that, but I always try.  Obviously there are some tricks to remove people (stack filters for a VERY long exposure thereby blurring them all into oblivion, or simply removing them via software) but I generally leave them if they are there, unless it totally screws up the shot.  I'm not sure why I do it that way, but I do.

So that's one of the main reasons that I love to shoot at sunrise.  At sunset you can get great light, but everyone else is out there with you.  At sunrise, the possibility of great light is pretty high, but you have the added benefit of being alone.

So here I was in Nashville, TN on Broadway which is sort of their main drag.  It's full of country bars and neon signs, both of which are great fun to shoot.  And it was sunrise, and I basically had it all to myself.  A great start to a day, really!