The fairy pool

I think waterfalls are pretty close to the top of my "favorite things to shoot" list!  What about you?

Waterfalls are absolutely great photographic subjects, and everyone knows it.  They are just so beautiful.  I even love the tiny little ones that are barely as long as my arm.  It's fun to get in close and shoot those, in addition to the grand ones.

What's the largest waterfall you have ever shot or seen?  I haven't been to Niagara Falls yet, but hope to someday.  I did however visit Snoqualmie Falls outside of Seattle on a couple of occasions and can confirm that it is awesome!  Sadly, this was way before I knew anything about how to operate a camera, so my pics from there are only so-so.

Anyways, back to this photo.  This waterfall is probably about 12 feet tall or so.  Not large, but certainly not small.  It sits in a hidden gulley on the Bull Creek Greenbelt here in Austin - which is one of my favorite spots in my hometown.  I shot here a few years ago, and when we got hit with all these recent rains, I made sure to include this spot on my list of "get back and shoot it again" spots.  I'm glad I did.

To me, because of the hidden nature of this spot and the general look of it, I felt like I was staring at a waterfall where wood fairies and gnomes might hang out and play...hence the title.  But no, I didn't see any that day.  They probably heard me coming.