A pond in Vondelpark

Do you ever walk in a park when visiting a foreign city?

Walking in a park is not something that normally comes to mind for me when traveling - unless I happen to be in NYC (which is very rare, sadly).  I usually travel with a list of spots that I want to go shoot, and parks don't usually make the list, mostly because I don't think of them. 

And I think of lots of things that I want to shoot in any given city (and I spend some time looking them up, plotting them on a map, and planning my route): architecture, churches, landmarks, train stations, street scenes, graffiti, rivers and more.  So I should think of parks more often, but I don't.  Maybe I'm wired to ignore them.  I don't know. 

But in Amsterdam I made an exception.   My hotel was actually pretty close to Vondelpark, and one afternoon I had a little free time and therefore decided I would walk around over there before heading off to my next canal shot (and boy did I get a LOT of those in Amsterdam!). 

I'm really glad that I went there.  It's beautiful.  I fully expected to walk around for a few minutes and then leave, but instead I wandered and wandered, taking a few pictures along the way.  At some point I came across this pond and loved the clouds playing overhead and the gentle curve towards the reflected trees.