Back to Dublin

Boy do I ever love Dublin!  Have you ever been? 

There is just so much to love about Dublin, Ireland.  Here's a partial list:  Guinness, friendly people, great churches.  I had you at Guinness, right?  :-)

It really is a wonderful town though.  I've been a few times now, and always look forward to my visits.  I often shoot the same things each time I go, because I rarely have time to get out of town and see sights that are further afield.   Hopefully someday.

So that means the majority of what I see and shoot is within walking distance of The Temple Bar District, which is their historic entertainment area.  And just a short walk from there is Christ Church Cathedral, which you see pictured here.  I've shot the interior and exterior a couple of times, and always go back.  It's just beautiful. 

On this visit, I was approached by an American couple while I stood there shooting.  It turns out they were from Dallas, which is only a few hours away from where I live in Austin.  Small world.  They were asking me about the area, and of course I have a list of sites for them to go see.  I hope they had the time to explore it all.