Staring down on Nashville

What's your favorite skyline to shoot?  It's hard to beat this view of Nashville!  I love standing up here and firing away! 

I love shooting city skylines, and doubly so when they are fronted by a body of water.  I live in Austin, TX and our skyline is a perfect example of this.  We have a river running right in front of it, and it's awesome.   Add in some twinkly lights during blue hour, and I am one heck of a happy guy!!

But of course Nashville, TN has this as well (one of the many similarities between these two cities) and whenever I visit I love to get up here on the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge and fire away!  It's incredible to stand up here, looking down on a beautiful skyline, and watching the clouds pass and the river roll by.  Great fun! 

I caught this shot on one of my visits there a while back, and try to get up here on every visit to shoot it again.  So, I have a lot of shots from this spot but they all seem to be slightly different.  It looks like I might make it to Nashville again before the year ends, so it's pretty likely I will be standing here again soon!  Pray for good clouds for me, will ya?? 

By the way, this was a sunrise shot.  I love shooting early and getting in my creativity first thing in the morning!