The Rijksmuseum

If you ever go to Amsterdam, be sure and visit the Rijksmuseum.  It's hard to miss, considering the size and location.  It's a Dutch national museum dedicated to arts and history.  It's pretty awesome, actually.

I did not go inside on this visit to Amsterdam, though I have been on previous visits.  I just didn't have the time, but of course I did have time to shoot the exterior, which I just love. 

I met up with Michiel Buijse, who is a Netherlands-based HDR photographer and all around great guy.  We met behind the museum and spent an evening shooting around the canals.  But this was our meeting place, and thus our first stop for some brackets. 

As you can see, the sun was behind the museum and beginning its descent, so there was still some nice light but it wasn't directly on us.  The only challenge here was avoiding all the bicyclists while we set up and fired!