Sacre Coeur

This is not your typical shot of the lovely Sacre Coeur cathedral in Paris.  Usually, you see the lovely lawn leading up to it (preferably at sunrise so there is no one else in the shot) and maybe the stairs too - plus you normally see the whole structure.   Looking at it from this angle, you probably wouldn't even guess that this is Sacre Coeur.

Sadly, my only chance to shoot there was one afternoon, and as you can imagine it was CROWDED.  There were people everywhere.  It was truly a madhouse.  Whenever that happens, you just have to accept it and take whatever shots you can take. 

So, I got up in front of the entrance and looked up...and shot a quick 7 exposure bracket.  Luckily there were some nice clouds hanging around, otherwise this would have possibly been the most boring shot ever taken in Paris.   But in spite of all that, I still like the shot.  I am a fan of architecture, so I find this stuff interesting and beautiful. And of course, I enjoy making an effort to exclude all the tourists from the shot!