The Malt Shovel, Edinburgh

Happy Halloween everyone! 

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween, sorry.  I am never very good at planning ahead and getting a shot for a specific holiday.  I have some old pumpkin shots, but didn't feel like dragging them out.  Maybe next year. 

So instead, I offer you The Malt Shovel. 

This is a pub in Edinburgh, Scotland that I walked past as I was wandering around that lovely town.  I loved the name and the look of it, so I stopped and waited for the tourists to clear, then fired away.  It only took a couple of attempts to get an empty scene. 

I shoot a lot of random things like this when I travel.  If it catches my eye, I will take the shot.   I will likely never sell a print like this or get anything financially from having taken it, but I take these anyways.  I just love to do it.  It's part of the fun of travel, and serves as sort of a visual bookmark of a trip for me.  So, I'll keep at it I guess.

Anyways, hope everyone is enjoying a Spooktacular Halloween!