Night in Rembrandtplein

Some town squares are "plein" - but not this one! 

Rembrandtplein is a square in Amsterdam, so named because the artist known as Rembrandt lived nearby many years ago.  I have no idea what it was like back then, but I am pretty sure it lacked the plethora of bars, restaurants, and neon signs you can find there today.  I also doubt the statue of Rembrandt himself was there back then.  :-) 

But today it's a nice gathering spot for wayward tourists who need a break, or photographers who like to fire brackets at things like this.  I was there with my friend Michiel Buijse, and after meeting up and walking around for a while, we sat in one of those bars and had a couple of beers.  It was still bright, and we were waiting on the sun to sink.  Finally it started to, so we headed out to shoot.

We didn't really get far though, because there is a great little spot just behind where I was standing while taking this photo.  It's perfect to get a shot of the canals, and bridges with lights on them.  It was awesome, so we shot there for a while.  Of course, being a fan of street scenes and neon signs, I had to fire away at this scene too!