Glasgow Necropolis

Well, this is my last Glasgow post for the week - hope this has been fun for you!  I always enjoy sharing my shots, and it takes me back to the fun I had shooting all these scenes. It's only been just over 2 weeks since I was in Glasgow, but I miss it already.  :-) 

Late one afternoon I made a point to get over to the Glasgow Cathedral (which I just now realized I haven't shared a photo of yet...hmmm...will get to that!).  It is pretty close to the city center (it took me about 20 minutes to walk it, and it is slightly uphill) and behind it sits this awesome Necropolis.

While I am not one to spend oodles of time wandering in cemeteries, I do love the ornate monuments and the fact that this one is perched way up on a hill.  It's also cool that there is a little stone bridge over a road, and the bridges is known as the Bridge of Sighs.  Anyways, I spent a little time here shooting around and enjoying the cool air, plus it's a great view from up high!