Leaving Edinburgh Castle

I think castles might be my favorite type of structure - ever!  You? 

I remember loving castles as a kid.  When I was in 2nd grade, my family lived in Germany, which happens to have a *few* castles laying around.  I visited some of the famous ones (like Neuschwanstein, which is still my favorite) and some not-so-famous ones, and loved them all.

When we were in the Loire Valley of France this past summer, we visited 5 different chateaux (which are kinda like castles, at least to me) and I loved them all.  And whenever I go over to Europe for work, if I am visiting a city with a castle I make sure to stop in and check it out.  It's just another thing I love.  What can I do about it? 

So, the Edinburgh Castle was definitely top of my list when I planned my half-day adventure to this lovely Scottish city, and I was not disappointed.  True, I only had a short while to explore it since it was closing early, but I ran around and saw it all (albeit briefly), and took as many shots as I could.  This is one of the last ones I took, which I shot as I was leaving.  I happened to turn around one last time, and this was my view.